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The Looperman collaborations

by DJ Mined

A selection of tracks produced with/for & in collaboration with members of looperman.com

1. Long time coming (aka crews run) - The Causehttp://www.minedbeats.com/music/Long%20time%20coming%20feat.%20Cause.mp3
2. Home before Dark - Angela Sheik (DJ Mined + Cynical1)http://www.minedbeats.com/music/Home%20before%20Dark%20(Mined%20+%20Cynical1)%20feat.%20AngelaSheik.mp3
3. Straight Chillin' - Chase Manhattanhttp://www.minedbeats.com/music/Dope%20Queen%20feat.%20R.M.C.%20(aka%20Showgun%20Productions).mp3
4. Dope Queen - R.M.C. (aka Showgun Productions)http://www.minedbeats.com/music/Dope%20Queen%20feat.%20R.M.C.%20(aka%20Showgun%20Productions).mp3
5. You know it (aka Fire) - R.M.C. (aka Showgun Productions)http://www.minedbeats.com/music/You%20know%20it%20(aka%20Fire)%20feat.%20R.M.C.%20(aka%20Showgun%20Productions).mp3
6. Boss - Sean Boogiehttp://www.minedbeats.com/music/Boss%20feat.%20SeanBoogie.mp3

Track list (CTRL click track title to download). 


Work in progress

The Remixes

The Looperman collaborations.

MINEDbeats 0.1

Dj Mined is a 90’s inspired, sample heavy hip hop beatmaker.

Though hailing from London England his work unashamedly reflects the traditional style of the golden era greats from America.

The Instrumental is the output of the beatmaker but for DJ Mined they are the foundation, a canvas for the MC, never intended to be  a standalone product.

Sampling anything from the obvious to the obscure Mined will loop and/or chop in an endeavour to  create something real.


MINEDbeats 0.2